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Angelwax Enigma Legacy Titanium Ceramic Coating (PAKET)

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Angelwax ENIGMA LEGACY Titanium Ceramic CoatingAngelwax ENIGMA LEGACY TITANIUM CERAMIC COATING is an easy-to-use titanium ceramic coating designe

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Angelwax ENIGMA LEGACY Titanium Ceramic Coating

Angelwax ENIGMA LEGACY TITANIUM CERAMIC COATING is an easy-to-use titanium ceramic coating designed specifically for the

paint surface of your vehicle. Formulated with ease of use in mind, ENIGMA LEGACY can be applied by both the professional

detailer and detailing enthusiast alike and is a fabulous coating that can be applied in minutes.

Unlike regular ceramic coatings, ENIGMA LEGACY does not need to cure using an infra-red paint curing lamp system. Once

applied, ENIGMA LEGACY will protect the surface of the treated panel from harmful fallout and contamination thus making

cleaning and maintenance much easier and more importantly, leave an unrivalled gloss finish!

Directions: Clean the exterior of the vehicle thoroughly and suitably prepare the paint surface removing ALL contamination.

For outstanding results, hand or machine polish the paint surface removing any swirl marks and paintwork imperfections.

Before applying ENIGMA LEGACY, ensure all surfaces are cool to the touch. Degrease all surfaces to be coated using Angelwax

STRIPPED-EASE panel wipe.

Once you are happy with the paint surface, remove the cap on the bottle and apply a few drops of ENIGMA LEGACY onto a

suede applicator cloth which is used with the foam block and apply the coating to one panel at a time. Once the panel has

been coated, allow the ENIGMA LEGACY to bond with the paint surface for 2 minutes before removing the residue with a clean,

dry, microfibre cloth. Once this has been completed, use a buffing towel to create a high gloss finish.

The curing time of two minutes is dependent on a temperature of approximately 20°.

The coating may take longer to cure if applied in colder temperatures and the coating will cure more quickly in a warmer


Top Tip: If possible, do not use the vehicle for approximately 2 to 4 hours after the coating has been applied as

this will help the crosslink density of the coating to increase. This will maximise the surface properties and

increase the durability of the coating.

Designed, Formulated and Manufactured in the UK by Angelwax Ltd


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